Friday, March 7, 2008

Homage to Jeremy

Homage to Jeremy.
I am a critical wife. Often looking at the negatives as if they are the whole of the person. Jeremy is under this umbrella of criticism daily. Often I am able to get glimpses of what a treasure he is, yet many times fail to recognize them myself or acknowledge his actions with the simple thank you it would deserve.
I read a Novel Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers this week. It is a quick read, beautifully written. This story was written as a love story from our Savior to us. However if you read this book thinking that there are men out there like Michael who is the hero of the story you will be greatly misled and immensely disappointed.
Which brings me back to my husband. He is perfect for me. What qualities I lack he has. What qualities I have he acknowledges. It is my turn.

1. He is one of the most loyal people I have ever met. His humility in his friendships shocks and impresses me.
2. I know not one other person who has the determination that he has. He looks at a challenge with light in his eyes.
3. Which leads me to how hard working he is. This characteristic I often see as a negative. My Mom often reminds me what a treasure it is.
4. He allows me to be exactly who I am. He does not try to put me in a box or carve me into an image of the ideal wife. I have become more of who I am because of his support and faith in me.
5. It is not always immediate; but, He is always willing to work through things.
6. He recognizes when he is wrong and apologizes.
7. He listens to me.
8. He listens to others.
9. Jeremy's ability to see outside the box is one of his traits that impress me the most. The ability to look at a situation from several angles is something I struggle with. He helps me to see other points of view.
10. He rarely attacks me when he thinks I am wrong in situations that do not involve him.
11. Commitment. He never gives up. With me, his job, his friends, his family.
12. I love his humor. I love his cynical attitude. I love his cockiness. I love his mind. I love his strength.

So the next time I decide to get on Hating Jeremy Express. I need to take a minute to reflect on these qualities rather than jump on board.